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Google Duo for Windows Phone

Google Duo for Windows Phone

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Google Duo for Windows Phone

Google Duo for Windows Phone

Why Google Duo for Windows Phone will revolutionise the way of video chatting. But before that, the native messaging app present is enough boring the best alternative would be Google Allo.

Why do we prefer Google Duo for Windows Phone:

Some of the existing Video-calling app in Windows Phone,

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Tango Video Calls
  • Wechat
  • Line
  • Voxer

But the biggest problem or bug that might be affecting it would be the storage, Power consumption; App crashes, etc. , Here are the Top five points how Google Duo is better than Present Video-Chatting apps in Windows Phone. Get Google Duo Apk works very well.

1. A Dedicated One-on-One Video calling feature with minimalistic and sleek design.

2. A Preview of the callers current video improves the User-Friendly much more very attachment-kind-of-thing.

3. An Highlighting feature about it is it doesnt cook more RAM on usage added to it consumes very less Storage area.

4. Enables the user to talk in without any advertisments and unwanted Pop-ups.

5. The best thing about it is, works even the slowest of internet connection with high quality displays.

Download Google Duo for Windows Phone:

Google Duo app hasn’t launched still, but the company has promised to launch it after the initial release for Android and iOS.We will soon Update the link here

Free Download Google Duo for Windows Phone – Link

If you have any Queries about Google Duo for Windows Phone, Feel Free to comment below.

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