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Google Duo Apk for Android Free Download

Google Duo Apk for Android Free Download

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Google Duo Apk: It is the most searched video calling app announced by the tech giant, Google. Users are in need of face to face chats which increase the conversation factor and guess what Google Duo surpass that expectation. A faster app that works even with the slowest of internet connection.

Google Duo introduced, Google I/O May 2016 along with Google Allo, which is to text with an automated AI helping to increase the performance.

Latest Updates >> Google Duo for iOS

Specification of Google Duo Apk:

  • App Name: Google Duo
  • File Name: google-duo-pre.apk
  • Updated: 18th May 2016
  • File Size: 7.99MB
  • Version: 0.0.122157469

Will Hangouts be canned?

Google Duo Apk

Will Hangouts be canned?

After the Intro of Allo and Duo there has been a lot of commotion, will the all-time chatting app “Hangouts” integrated with Gmail will be dropped down or replaced.

Google has answered back “Even with these latest apps coming into the market, Hangouts will remain as an app”.They will invest in the Hangouts app, and it will exist as a separate product in  Google ecosystem since it is the biggest competitor of the Facebook messenger. Google Duo for Windows Substitute to Skype.

Google Allo and Duo will remain as stand-alone applications with their functionalities.Google Duo Apk, from the name, even suggest its build only for two people to enjoy a disturbance less conversation, that all the fancy app fails to do.

Rumour: Google will replace its existing SMS Messenger App on Android. Let’s Hope it does.

Beta Version of Google Duo Apk:

Google Duo haven’t been released yet the beta version of the Google Duo is exclusively available.

Download Google Duo Beta Version.

Pre-register/Download for Google Duo Apk:

Available for Google Duo for PC

You can pre-register for Google Duo Apk in Play Store – Link

Google Duo Apk

Pre- register Google Duo Apk

How to Install.Apk file for Google Duo Apk:

Follow the steps below and install the Google Duo Apk,

  1. Locate the file on the File Manager; I would personally recommend ES File Explorer.
  2. Open the File.
  3. Set all the permission for the app to access.
  4. Click Install and wait till it completes.
  5. Tap on “Open” and enjoy seeming-less video calling.

From using the Interface try to make a video call to your loved one and spread about this wonderful app.
Any Queries Comment Below, and to install it on PC try Google Duo for PC.

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